Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Chickadee art, planning a quilt

Well, yesterday we had another snowstorm which would have been a good day for hibernating and creating but instead I spent it at the hospital emergency and having a ct scan done. After every medical setback I talk myself up determined to not only cope but to improve. I like to educate myself and try to be pro active. I know I need to be happy that I don’t have anything fatal. It’s all chronic but I tell you it adds up and wears you down after a while. This time I started with severe bladder pain and pressure last week that worsened by Sunday, so I finally went over to the hospital where they gave me a shot for pain and put me through all their protocol over 24 hrs and found nothing. So, good, nothing serious, no masses, no infections, no stones. But still, pain.  I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I believe she could refer me for further tests with the bladder and may be able to prescribe something to help in the meantime. I’m hoping.

I do need to stay off my feet a bit and modify my activities; I went into my studio and found some easier things to do. It does relax me and help take my mind off it.

This week, I’m sending a baby quilt off to a new baby girl, Harper, born to my nephew and his wife. And then I found out my husband’s niece is having a baby, so baby quilt planning time. 

These fabrics are actually leftovers from the quilt I’m mailing this week.

Then I sat at my window tabletop and cut out and ironed down the fabric appliqués for the small chickadee art quilt.

Another day day I will add a few more small flakes with my Thermofax designs and maybe a large one top left. I think I’ll add shading with fabric paint or coloured pencils before stitching. This piece makes me happy; it is my hand feeding the chickadees while snow shoeing. 

I feel lucky to be an artist and have something creative to absorb me and make me happy.


Margaret said...

Baby quilt planning is always a good distraction. As are chickadees. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Janice Smith said...

Stay positive and I hope you feel better soon as well :-()

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well - you've certainly had more than your fair share. Hopefully the doctor will get to the cause and help you feel better.

Mystic Quilter said...

Hope things settle down quickly for you Holly and that your own doctor can help sort the problem out. Like yourself I find that stitching can relax me and take my mind off the worries!