Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Outside chores

I've not had much progress in any fiber art. After a few years dealing with hip pain and mobility issues, you'll understand why I'm out in the yard as much as I can since my hip replacement and other surgeries. I am very mobile right now. Last week, we were at Lake Portage, totally unplugged.
We did some kayaking each day.
I took along my sketchbook and fishing rod.
Even with showers and a thunder storm on one day, when there was a break in the clouds, i fished off the dock and we managed a short paddle.
I didn't catch a trout; they're not known to be plentiful in that lake. It is a very deep lake though and i learned that when fishing from my kayak, I need more weight as the fish would be deeper. It is a very relaxing pass time. I was quite surprised how relaxed my husband was, sitting on the covered deck by the hour, watching the colors in the lake, mountains and sky change by the minute. The sights and sounds of the showery rainy weather was solace to the senses. This week, I'm tending to my small gardens a little at a time. A beetle new to this area has been eating some vegetable gardens. I thought i'd escaped it but found that all the beans which had come up in the raised bed were eaten to the stalk. I found and killed a couple beetles and I've tried replanting.
I spend only an hour or so here and there tending to my plants; it's enough to have a small plot of perrenials, a few annuals, and some veggies.  Enough to have my hands in the earth, to benefit from a small bounty, and to relax in the simple beauty.
I like to spend time on my small deck space where I listen to my little fountain and often to all the birds that frequent the trees, feeders and baths.  
I always have small knitting projects on the go like these socks.
Its so nice to be able to walk around the yard and snip a few blooms for inside. I don't grow a lot of showy flowers. I depend a lot on mother nature and simple perrenials.
It adds cheer to a room no matter the size of the bouquet.
Although i haven't really gotten much further with my on going fiber pieces, i feel as though I have. I cleaned and sorted my stufio over the weekend and finally got some inspiration on a piece that was stuck. Satisfaction even though I haven't tried out my ideas yet. I have worked a bit on the cows, adding more color and value in spots. I'm working on some mixed media and bits of fabric to add if i can ever get in there for a day. It's too nice out!


Jo Vandermey said...

Sometimes we move along at a slower pace with our art, filling it in with activities that renew our selves. Enjoy the down time!

Janice Smith said...

It would appear that you had a lovely time at the lake. It looked so peaceful.

When the weather is good, it's almost a crime to be indoors. There will be more time for art/quilting when winter comes. :-()

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to energize your spirit and creativity.