Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mixed media work

For the last few days it has been very muggy, culminating in some rain last night and earlier today. Thus, I didn't even need to venture outside to water the garden. I did go to a fundamentals yoga class around noon time and tried to stay focused on myself and my own improvements since starting my yoga at home in April. Difficult to do when the teacher tells you to close your eyes and if you do you'll fall over, lol. I've just sat down with a snack. The green is seaweed, paper thin. If you like dulse this is better, milder and less chewy. And almond milk. I'm lucky to enjoy a lot of healthy and sometimes odd foods, but believe me, I do have my junk food likes too. Popcorn and dark chocolate or most things with chocolate in it.
Yesterday, I started a mixed media piece in my sketchbook, starting with chalk pastels plus water brush, Inktense pencils, rice paper, newspaper, and music paper.
Today, I worked in some value and detail with coloured pencils. 
I'm trying to step outside my box a little and at the same time be thinking about how I might apply this to fabric. An article in the last Quilting Arts by Jeannie Palmer Moore inspired me to try something different in fiber and mixed media. Thus the cows. As usual, i over did some; could have started with sonething a little smaller and more familiar like the shells or even flowers. Lits of ideas for the next one.
It doesn't look like I've done much since last time; however, I was at it for about two hours, and I sure made a mess!
Maybe you'll notice that the eyes are missing. They bothered me so i snipped the stitching out and will re do them.
Besides adding a bit of shading and fused fabric in the background, today i mainly worked on the grey areas of the cows using newspaper transfer on polyester organza. Following Jeannie's example on her DVD, i traced patterns using tracing paper and cut the organza transfer from that. Notice the greyed areas on the cows.
There is still more painting and fusing fabric and transfers left before i get it back to the sewing machine. I finished this little sweater for my Ollie except for the buttons. 
He loves the beach and the ocean! Bottom keft front.
I hope you're having a great weekend!


PaintedThread said...

I like the seashells with all the blues and purples.

Mystic Quilter said...

Tasty looking snack Holly!! I too like the seashells, very much!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the progression on the cows and that sweater is gorgeous.