Friday, June 8, 2012

 On my walk last night, I picked another little bunch of forget me knots. They're nearing the end. I just picked a few and added some lily of the valley and a few bleeding hearts. The little dish is one that came from my friend who is moving.

When I got home after my Friday lunch date, I decided to pot up my last pot for my deck. The darn little black flies were so pesky that I danced, swatted and blew my way through it. I didn't spray myself like yesterday since I just had the one thing to do. Darn it one got me behind the ear.

What else could I do? I retreated to my sewing studio. I got the 3 pieces for my runner cut-- top, flannel lining and backing, and then I sewed it together and turned it. The flannel lining is perfect though a little tricky to cut. It was from a cheap sheet and kept stretching.I will top stitch the edge and then I want to do a free motion vine and stitch around the leaves, I think in black.
 I got two hummingbirds ready to stitch too. I added a border to the first one which you see here. The second one I'm going to stitch and add borders later. I don't always know how the colors will end up. Once I do the outline stitching I will add more paint. The color is a little faded here but with teh stitching and more paint it will start to come alive.

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elle said...

Definitely retreat to the safe indoors! ;^) I'm into the wet stuff still and I'm looking forward to getting my sewing machine involved in all this fun. You are up to some really great things. That runner! oooooh!