Monday, June 4, 2012

staying inside to sew and paint

I took the advise of some of you and went looking for fabrics in my stash for the runner. I found a backing fabric and I found some flannel. It was a piece left over form a pair of sheets that I bought when I made my design wall. It is cream colored so will do nicely. I wasn't sure if it had gotten washed, probably, but I put it in anyway.

 So while I wait for that, I've been doing a few other things. Some of my readers will remember the castle with the wrinkle which ran when I attempted to iron it out after dampening the fabric. I cut the stained border off and added a new one using the quilt as you go method. Here you can see the 2 side borders sewn on.
 The right hand one is still folded back and I have butted a Timtex up against the seam and zig zagged it. After that I added the top and bottom borders the same way.
Now it is ready for some hand embellishing and beading. I will take it to the shop with me to work on while I'm there.
 I pulled out another hummingbird mono print and added the first layer of color with a paint brush and Inktense pencils. you might remember this first one that I did.
The other thing I did that I've wanted to do for a while is to sew 2  sample blocks for the quilt I will do my brother and his wife. I found the directions at Love Laugh Quilt.
 Even though you can't see it, I layered two fabrics together and sliced, swapping out the fabrics for each block. I cut them 13 3/4 inches.

They look like this when sewn together, so once trimmed they were about 12 inches. They will not be next to each other once more blocks are made.


elle said...

I really like that stack, slice, switch and sew method of making blocks. The borders turned out nice. That is a cool way to add the timtex. Coffee time and then I need to get back to work. I luv stopping to see what you are doing, like the hummingbird.

beth said...

Your painting and sewing adventures are LOOKIN' good!

greelyrita said...

This humming bird: did you buy it like that or paint it? It's amazing.