Saturday, February 12, 2011

More excuses for no creativity

I have nothing quilty, sketchy or knit-wise to show. I can only offer more excuses and say that I haven't forgotten my blog; I'm just living in a very misty world right now. I have a blood test to check my thyroid levels again in 2 weeks and an appointment 2 weeks after that. In the meantime it's a test of my patience. Really, I know I should be glad I don't have something far worse as so many seem to around me. It's the lethargy and fatigue that is so hard. I'm no good at lying around and watching TV, or reading or knitting all day, but I seem to be coming to that lately. I haven't touched the sewing machine in days. It has been a busy week though.
I just seem to keep getting infections and I'm just so exhausted. Today, my husband drove me to my hair appointment. I was so woozy and fatigued I was afraid to drive. It felt good to get a nice haircut though. When I got home, I had a soak (haircuts itch me all day) and got back into my pajamas. It was nice out today --finally milder--so I dragged myself out on the snowshoes with my husband. I just couldn't lie around all day and I hoped the fresh air would help.
 A little meeting with my friends was good too!
It's an awful thing to feel this drained. I want to do things, but my body just won't cooperate. When I came in from my short walk today, I  curled up to watch a quilting Arts DVD and then fell asleep. So, I'm trying to take it easy, do a little exercise each day and get my rest. When I can I will get back into it. So, I haven't forgotten, you, my readers. I am inhabiting a foggy lazy world at the moment. Hopefully, I'll emerge sometime.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm trying to send a little energy over the internet to you. I hope things get resolved.

Lana said...

I absolutely Love your pictures with nature ---- so incredible. I hope you are increasing your meds according to your condition. A respiratory infection can create havoc for a person with Addison's/Adrenal Insufficiency. Try to not overdo it and keep sharing your beautiful scenery and artwork!!!!! Feel better Holly!!

Lana C.