Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday studio afternoon

My husband just made a spiced hot chocolate while I quickly diced veggies for a pizza. We’re doing it the easy way—purchased whole wheat  crust and grated cheese. That way, I got to spend most of the afternoon in the studio and now I’m sitting with my hot cocoa.
I finally got to cut and arrange the birches on my stitched background and I added some black spots and lighter grey areas with fabric paints. Once it’s dried overnight and ironed, I can add some stitching.

After that I pulled out one of my Gelli prints to do a bit of free motion stitching on. It’s to be used as a donation in an upcoming SAQA auction if all goes well.

I often like to outline in black and add layers with other threads overtop. 

Something else I’m working on a few strips at a time is this piece of muslin oversewn with selvedge edges. This has been laying over the back of my computer chair for ages!  Another project I’m going to finish. I’ve added about 10” more and have about that much to finish it. The plan is to add batting, lightly stipple quilt it and then make a simple slip cover to slide over the back of the chair.

Im feeling satisfied finishing up some old projects as well as starting some new ones. Always percolating are ideas for what’s next.

Happy Saturday, I hope you’re having a good one.


Jo Vandermey said...

I have a friend who says her January is always for finishing... It is good to nest in the winter with hot chocolate and some sewing!
I love your birch trees!

Janice Smith said...

Your birch tree piece is simply lovely.

beth s said...

Your birch trees are beautiful. Love that you also spend time on the practical sewing with your creative touch!

rtquilter said...

You've done well, Holly! You are so darned energetic! I am not so much these days. I was sick over last weekend and am still not up to par! Nice work! How big is the auction piece?