Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gelli print tote bag

It’s kind of grey today and since I was out snow shoeing yesterday, I decided to stay home. I like to be a bit active in the mornings. It helps me to wake up and to work out the stiffness. A couple years ago before my hip replacement, I tried to paint parts of my kitchen table and chairs. It was looking a litttle worn and tired. With all the bending involved I wasn’t able to do it. As part of my resolve to finish a few projects in the house this year, I started it this week. From my laundry room paint job, there was a part gallon of primer and semi gloss grey paint leftover. Might as well use it.

The wood on the chair back will be grey too. It just needs priming. I’m leaving the seat and the table top which will get sanded and finished when I can take it outside. I need a primer coat and two coats of paint all of which will be done a little at a time. 
After lunch, I headed into the studio to finish the quilting on the Gelli print tote bag. Then I trimmed it, stitched the sides together and cut the lining. I didn’t put it together yet as I have to make the straps. 

In the meantime I had pulled this piece from the closet — another unfinished project. It is layered with strips of fabrics in colors that reminded me of the skies when I’m out snow shoeing.  

Once it’s all stitched down and the foreground bushes and small trees are stitched, I want to add 3 birch trees.

Here is the idea:

It is only January but I’m determined to finish up a few things before I start something new. My closet is full! I’m in the process of planning and getting an estimate to open up the double sized closet and add kitchen cabinets to the top. I currently have a desktop in there so I would also like a countertop across the width which would make room for a sewing machine.

The idea is to clear up some space in the room to be put to better use— mainly an armchair for hand work. It is a nice sunny room and I’d like to take more advantage of it. I will post picks when I get started. First, I have projects to finish and cleaning out to do!

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