Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Sewing and a Tote Bag

Here I am in my sunny cozy studio on this winter day finishing up a wee bit of hand stitching, blanket   stitching the piece of wool felt to one end of the sewing kit. There is a tiny bit of stuffing added to it.

The next one I make would be a bit bigger but this one will fit nicely in my knitting bag or a hand sewing basket.

Then, I did the free motion quilting on the tote bag that I'm making using one of my Gelli mono prints.

I'm almost finished but have to stop for a break. My shoulder can handle only a short session.

Besides, the fresh air is calling me as I sew. This is my view.

There is a lot of snow!

I don't have the car to get to the trail today, so I decided I'd head out to do a bit of snow trimming off the front walk. When I walk to the front door any parcels I carry hit the sides. I'm heading out now and hope this works. I just got a new computer and I'm trying it out.

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