Saturday, January 20, 2018

Quiet Saturday

This morning I went to quilting at our civic center. While checking my mailbox on the way home, I noticed a fallen branch and couldn’t resist breaking off a few twigs. I love the lines and shapes.

It’s a very mild day. We had a few inches of fresh snow this morning making everything fresh and white. I’m taking another day off from snow shoeing due to a problem I’m having with my back and neck. It’s causing a cervicle vertigo which leads me to need to lie down to avoid the nausea.

The view from my window is pretty though.

Winter skies are so soft and pretty.

Wearing my heat belt, I started a batch of applesauce raisin bread in the bread maker. I purchased the machine just before Christmas on sale. It is getting more difficult for me to stand and knead bread. 

Then I spent about an hour in my studio free motion stitching a bit more on my latest piece. What shall I name it?

Sill more to come in the foreground. Now that the background is done, I can add a few trees up front. Next session.
In the meantime, I’m taking a break with a cup of tea here in my spot by the window. 

Maybe I’ll knit a bit on my latest socks.

Before supper ( leftovers, yum!) I’ll run outside with the garbage, compost and recycling. Hubby has driven to Montreal with our youngest son to see a hockey game tonight. Montreal versus Boston. It is a 60th birthday gift. So I’m having a quiet weekend at my own pace. I’ll probably be in my pjs right after supper, lol. I’ve made plans for a short, gentle  snow shoe with a friend tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.

I hope you’re having a nice weekend, making time to enjoy some fresh air and maybe a little creativity.

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rtquilter said...

Gosh! Hope you are feeling better, Holly! That's a shame. Do be careful!! DH and I tread VERY carefully these days with the snow and ice. We both have back issues, especially DH. NOT much fun!