Saturday, January 13, 2018

Storm day stitching

When we got up this morning it was raining which soon turned to freezing rain and then fine snow about mid morning. We’ve stayed inside being creative. Hubby was working on a stool for our grandson to be able to stand at the kitchen counter and be mama’s helper.
The bottom is made from an IKEA stool.

He followed directions on Pinterest for the rails on top. This is my grand niece using the one her dad made.

While he was busy in his workshop, I was in my sewing studio putting the borders on a baby quilt. I had to stop before I got the fourth one on but it’s pinned and ready to go.

I was watching my eggplant slices baking in the oven. There happened to be one in my fridge that needed to be used and yesterday I noticed a recipe called bacon eggplant on Facebook yesterday that looked good.

The sandwhich called for tomato’s and lettuce. In place of tomato I melted a slice of Havarti on one slice of the bread and added lettuce. Although the roasted eggplant didn’t really remind me of bacon the sandwiches were yummy.

After lunch, I went back to the studio to have a little more creative fun, free motion stitching the background on a little art piece.

There’s more to be done before I move to the foreground. As I looked through some of my photos I decided it needed a few small fir trees here and there. The simplest way for me to do them is to hoop up some water solvable stabilizer and use the free motion zigzag. I will add a few bits here and there directly to the background also.

I’ll add a few mediums and lights before removing and stitching to the piece. When that’s all done, I’ll move to the large birch trees I want to add in the foreground. Once I felt the creativity flowing, I really wanted to keep going; however, my back and shoulders were protesting. It was time to take a break. At least I’ll be anxious to get back to it.

This is where I am for now.


Sally Hurley said...

Excellent - I love the rails on that stool. That eggplant looks delicious. The progress on your pastel piece looks great. So pretty!

Margaret said...

That stool is just right! What will they think of next?! ;-)

And I am most interested in how your evergreens-on-water-soluble stabilizer turn out. I am working on pieces combining canvas (painted skies and fabric foregrounds) and am looking forward to your result with the process. I'll do my own testing of course but it's always good to have input from someone else! :-)

Stay cozy!

Mereknits said...

That stool is wonderful, we have one like it for Little B to help Dad in the kitchen. Have a great day.