Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Slow stitching

I know there is a hand stitching movement called slow stitch which although I do enjoy is not what I referred to in the title. I’ve always been slow at finishing a piece but now I’m slower! Everything was going good for me and then a new problem develops in my back and neck. I’ve been stitching in shorter bits of time. 
I’m still working on this piece, getting ever closer to finishing. As usual, I’m already thinking and planning my next piece.

In the meantime I finished this little 6” by 8” piece for the SAQA Spotlight auction and hope to get it mailed this week.

I started with a Gelli print on white cotton, free motion stitched with black, added a few more designs with variegated and Hollowshimmer thread and finally did some hand embellishing with perle cotton and beads.

This is the postcard that was  made to advertise our SAQA Atlantic show opening March 28th in Dartmouth, NS.

There is a sliver of my waterfall on the right. I am planning to attend the opening if all goes well.


Margaret said...

Ouch! Hope whatever is ailing your back/neck goes away soon! Your auction piece is delightful. Alas, I've not been inspired to make one this year (so far) and I'm running out of time! Congratulations on even a 'sliver' of your work appearing in the exhibit's publicity! :-)

rtquilter said...

Nicely done, Holly and congratulations on the "sliver"! That's great. Hope you are taking care of your back. We have one to deal with here too- DH's!!!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful birches - I sympathise with you over the back and neck problem because I'm having similar problems!!