Saturday, March 25, 2017

Another stamp design

Wow, it's beginning to feel like spring even though there's still lots of snow. There was a pretty cool wind blowing when I walked earlier too. Even so, the warmth of the sun can be felt.
I went out to pay my Portage Lake fees. They're cabins on a lake toward Mount Carlton, NB. I'm hoping to make it up a few times this year bringing my new kayak and my sketching supplies. This photo was taken two years ago.
While out, I picked up a bit of spring coloured foliage to do a makeover on an old wreath which I stripped.
I'm such a creature of habit. I realized this week that the decor on the back of my toilet had been there for years! It definitely needed a change. I found the simple little tray at a local grocery store.
At lunch and with my tea, I transferred another design onto craft foam. Im always excited to see how it'll turn out, so I just took a few minutes to try it. 
And as is my habit, I cleaned the stamp and the brayer onto journal pages. The left hand side below.
We'll have an early and light supper as we've tickets to a hockey game.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free motioning a Gelli print, more stamp designs

It's been a while since I posted two days in a row. I finally got a day at home--mostly--an early test at hospital and then I was free! Today is not a snow shoeing or a walking day. It's sunny after our snow last night but cold and very windy. An inside day. As soon as I got home I made blender orange raisin muffins. Thanks for the recipe, Wendy.
While they were in the oven I started onion, celery, garlic, and cardomum for a Thai lentil coconut soup.  
Added veggie broth, pink lentils, and carrots. A little salt and a masala chai spice.
Simmered until tender and blended with the immersion blender.
Supper having been taken care of, I still had time before my lunch to try making a couple coordinating foam stamps from the print I did yesterday.
After lunch, I moved into the sewing studio. Finally some stitching! With the batting and a muslin backing added to my layered Gelli print, I started the  free motion quilting.
It's a little hard to see where I quilted. Here is the back view.
I'm really anxious to get the quilting finished so I can get to the next step. I have this idea which I I quickly collaged and sketched in my sketchbook.
And which I really hope will work on the Gelli printed and stitched background. The fabric shapes will be Thread sketched on top with the heavy weight black thread.
I just stopped for my afternoon snack, tomato juice, celery and cream cheese, but printed off a few more designs before turning off the computer.
I enlarged a couple so I can do smaller stamps of motifs found in the larger design.
This next one reminds me a bit of a wrought iron fence.
I have been very creative today. I feel good!  Are you getting some creative time today?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More foam stamps

Everyday I've been planning to get back to some stitching but haven't made it. It's been one of those weeks with commitments and appointments. And then there is the call of the wild knowing that snow shoeing will soon be over for the season. I have had time to  draw out a couple  more designs onto craft foam and did test prints in my sketchbook. 
I like to do second prints into smaller journals as well as clean the paint left on the brayer onto the pages. 
They make great backgrounds for sketching, collaging and journaling.
I'd like to make some coordinating stamps to go with this last one for printing on fabric. I'm sitting next to my picture window and I can see that the snow and wind is picking up out there. We made it out for our snow shoe just in time. I've had a hot chocolate and heat on my shoulders so I think I'll take a wander down to my studio and see what happens.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trunk show piece

I awakened this morning with a bit of dread that my day might go like yesterday. It wasn't a bad day; I just couldn't seem to relax. So, I resolved to slow down, take deep breaths and actually pause to let my body relax. I needed to get my 'self' back. I questioned what was important and what I needed to get done.
I used a page in my journal where I had cleaned a brayer to journal. I cleaned up my blog some-- I will need to do more there--and I write out my artist's statement for the piece I will contribute to the SAQA Atlantic trunk show. I even got the binding Finished. It will be ready to mail tomorrow.
I do feel better. I got some important things done that I'd put off. I put away a few things that distracted me in the studio. I had a hair appointment. That felt good!  After finding that no one had broken the snow shoe trails yet, I decided to avoid them and take a walk in the sub division. Feeling more relaxed. How about you? What have you been doing?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow day

I've had a few too many appointments lately, so today's snow day was a good reason to stay home. The snow let up late morning, but our narrow driveway which runs between two houses means that although we got plowed out, my car was buried in a drift. I cancelled my physio--I'm not supposed to shovel after all-- and stayed home. I've recently been heard to complain some about being in a rut, needing a change. Well, it wasn't exactly what I'd envisioned; our car blew the turbo on our way out of town to a doctor's appointment last Friday. It was a long and stressful day. I made my appointment, just a follow up, but didn't get anything else done except drop off a quilt for a friend, and get a few things at Costco. Also, we came home with a new car! A first for us. The old Subaru Outback would have required extensive repairs, more than it was worth. We did the deal in a day and made it home by 11:00 pm. I hate driving after dark so it was a tense drive. I'm beginning to settle down, especially when I get engrossed in my art. I've done some cooking today for a friend who has had a death in the family. I did muffins and a ham and white bean soup.
After that, I fit in some time in the studio. I wanted simply to experiment with a couple of the designs I did in the Amaziograph APP. I printed a mandala onto tracing paper and stitched the outline onto the reverse of some navy blue velvet.
I don't have a lot to choose from in heavier weight thread as I'm usually thread painting not quilting. I'm only playing here and thinking about the possibilities. This one I did on a piece of blue linen again putting the pattern on the reverse with tracing paper. 
I also added batting. Not finished yet.
I took a break for lunch and finished chopping veggies for the soup and some to roast later for our supper. I love colourful veggies and I'm hooked lately on roasting them with enough for leftovers. Before roasting I will add some tiny potatoes and seasoning.
After lunch, I got back to the tree with the nest. Upon looking at a photo and visiting the tree yesterday on snow shoes, I realized it's a birch tree-- not really a big deal; there is artist licence right? Anyway I'd already decided I'd use usible appliqué for the tree.
I added more color to the background. As it dries and fades, I may add to it.
It measures about 11" by 17" so appliqué will work well.
I started knitting a cardigan for Ollie. I'm doing size 1yr. I don't have a pic of the sweater. It's a button up with a rolled color. I call it old man style.
He is getting so big!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stamping, printing, free motion stitching

Sometimes I welcome a bad weather day; it keeps me home and creating all day. I'm not happy about the rain-- still hoping to get in some snow shoeing this month. Temperatures will drop again but ice is not great for snow shoeing. My aim first thing this morning( I make a list after I wake up) was to get in a wash and start supper in the crock pot. At lunch time, I chopped up some veggies for roasting.
Once that's done I'm free to create. My list for that included cutting some fabric for a baby quilt, making and testing another craft foam stamp, and stitching a little more on the chickadees. I know it seems like I'm pretty ADD; however, I have reason for the division of time into about 1 hour blocks. It really helps with arthritis pain to keep moving. Free motion stitching is quite hard on the fingers.
At lunch, I started transferring another design to craft foam. Of course I have to try it out on paper to see what it will look like.
It's fun on paper but eventually though I'll be incorporating it into some fabric printing.
I like to clean the brayer on pages of my sketchbooks which I can sketch onto later.
I'm really enjoying playing with designs from the Amaziograph App. I'm spending lots of time thinking about how I will use them in my fiber art. A friend just popped by to bring me a treat. Yes, I had to try one. Yum.
My final bit for today is the chickadees and the nest. I added a little more color  and detail to the chickadees -- not done yet but needed to rest my fingers.
I need to get the color on this next piece so I can start stitching. The gold will be toned down with the added thread. 
Shortly, I will turn the oven on for the veggies and get some gravy made. It's been a productive day. I hope yours was too!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fabric, latest book, and socks

Yesterday, I made an unexpected trip to Moncton with my son's fiancé's mom and two dogs. They were in a kennel here near family while the couple was away in Dominican. Once we met up with Josee Anne and handed over the grand puppies we proceeded to do a few errands--a quilt shop and Michael's for starters. The female standard poodle was pretty happy to see her mom and get home. And no she wasn't drinking the wine!
At the Fabric Cupboard in Moncton, I picked up a few sale cottons which I will use in baby quilts.
I also found a nice batik that I plan to use as narrow sashing strips to join all my birds and nests together.
It was a productive day. We stopped at Costco last which is like a marathon for me and headed home. Today, although it was beautiful out, I was too tired to snow shoe. I had physio this morning, I mixed up a batch of bran muffins, and I organized my samples for the program I'm doing at guild tonight. This is my current book. Excellent!
I have one of each sock done and have the second two on the needles. For sone reason I'm enjoying switching back and forth. The patterned ones look small, but they do have quite a stretch.
Tomorrow is looking to be a bit nasty weather wise--even rain forecast for up here, yuck. I don't have anywhere that I have to go at least. Except when I can get out, I need an iron. My fairly new one quit on me today as did my kitchen radio.