Friday, June 2, 2017

First rhubarb, giraffe of many colors

I love these late spring days when the first crops are growing, the grass and trees are greening, trees and bushes are flowering or about to, and the yard is rife with birds and birdsong. It's been one of those days when the sun would burst out from behind dark clouds lighting everything up and giving me hope that I might go for a walk. Soon enough the clouds move back in, a few rain drops fall and then turn into a shower.  Instead of the walk, I decided instead to pick my first rhubarb and make an old fashioned pudding cake. Hubby is at the airport in Labrador; after about a dozen delays in his work, he seems to be finally able to come home, so I'mll have help to eat it.
This crazy, colorful giraffe pattern has been sitting in a basket along with a collection of cotton yarns for sometime. I don't crochet often but thought I could handle it. I found it on a blog called I Love Buttons by Emma. Isn't it sweet? I think I need it for my grandson's crib (which I'm ordering from Ikea).
I can handle the pattern but it turns out that crocheting is harder on arthritic fingers than knitting. Still, it's so cute that I will do a little at a time here and there which is why I like to have projects I can alternate like this sweater I'm sewing together for Ollie.
I finished putting together the 16 patches of home decor remnants. Last year, I  made the first set into a bed cushion.
The plan for this one is to use it to make a new slipcover for my little bedroom chair. I think I'll sandwich and quilt it for better wear and I have grey linen that will suit for the sides and chair back. I'm a very slow decorator!
Meanwhile, I've just taken the rhubarb pudding from the oven. It smells wonderful!
As I sit near the open screen door listening to the rain and birdsong, I'm sipping chagga tea (a tea steeped from a fungus that grows on birches which sounds totally yucky, but is actually quite pleasant tasting)  with my snack.
It's a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon! Hubby should be home mid evening. 


Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Looks yummy, Holly! I am just about to go raid the neighbour's neglected rhubarb patch and get enough for some muffins and maybe a bit to stew. Your knitting projects are sweet but that grandson is sweeter! What a handsome boy! Lucky you! Funny you should mention Ikea...we just received an order we placed and I just put down the tools after putting together a stool I bought to use with my sewing machine. I love Ikea and especially love the local depots that make it more accessible. Enjoy your weekend!

Linda H said...

Ahhh, that first taste of spring rhubarb... yummy! Mine is growing like crazy with all this rain. I've already made a rhubarb crisp, muffins and have pulled three good bunches to give away. I think a rhubarb upside down cake will be next.
That giraffe pattern is sweet, I'm sure Ollie will love it. He's such a cutie!