Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dragonflies wings and cows

I've been away this week to the family cottage on Prince Edward Island for a quick few days. I had an appointment in Moncton 2 hours from here And halfway to the cottage so I decided to pop over for a couple of nights.
It is always nice to visit the island and I was lucky to have very warm weather the first night. After the long day in the car, I welcomed a walk on the beach to stretch the legs.
One never tires of the view. As you can see 8:00 at night mid June is pretty quiet. It was an exceptional though with a 29C temperature. I walked in short sleeves. The very next night, the same time, it was 10C.
 The beach is wide and flat with fine reddish sand. As on any beach there are treasures to see. Look at the colors and the textures.
It's hard to look at the big view with this at one's feet. Lots of fodder for artwork if there ever would be enough time.
My real motive in going over though was to spend a few hours with my little one and also with my my mom who is pre alzeimers.
He's about 6 1/2 months old now. Every day he does something new. We took him to the aquaric center for a swim in the baby/toddler pool. The water temperature is like bath water. Afterwards, he had his bottle and went to bed, so i left and went to pick my mom up. I spent a few hours with her and could see some small changes for the worse. More confusion and more fixation on certain topics. While I'm with her, I seem able to have patience and enjoy our moments. It is afterwards when I think about it that I get a bit teary eyed. My mom is not my mom. The first morning I took my time getting ready to go in town and allowed myself a bit of relaxation by sketching the lupines which are plentiful in the island ditches along roadways right now.
Yesterday was my first day back home and i completely crashed. Except for my lunch date that I barely made, I lolled about. I was feeling back to myself this morning. I finally got a binding on the baby quilt from past posts which I'll show when it's all finished. This afternoon, I fnished free motion stitching the dragon fly wings that I want to use on the cosmos piece. Now, i need to make some bodies.
Their quite thin and not at all stiff. I'm trying something new for me-- a gel medium painted on the back. It dries clear and is supposed to be flexible.
If you read my blog, you'll know I'm always thinking many steps ahead. Too much inspiration! The latest Quilting Arts magazine has an article by Jeannie Palmer Moore about her mixed media methods on canvas. It really interested me and so then I purchased the download of her DVD, Mixed Media Quilt Art: Creating with Paint,Stitch and Canvas. Amaxingly, I had most of the supplies on hand. Im thinking about cows, lol. Behind the tracing paper below is a photo that I took near here a couple of weeks ago. The pencil outline is compiled from two different photos. Next, I will enlarge it. She works the opposite of me. I paint, layer and stitch with black; Jeannie stitches a black outline first and then paints and layers. Ive been a bit creatively stalled lately when it cones to my fibre art and this has hot me going again. It remains to be seen how it'll work for me. It'll be fun trying!


Mereknits said...

THe baby is getting so big! So sorry about your Mom, I went through that with my Mother and it was so sad. The slowest goodbye.

Lilbitbrit said...

I love PEI it is years since I have been there, putsch happy memories. So want to go again. What a dear grandchild. Your mixed media artwork is lovely and must feel so rewarding.