Monday, June 26, 2017

Adding fabrics, trying a gel transfer

Im writing a quick post as I've been busy packing to spend a couple nights with hubby at Portage Lake cabins about an hour from here towards Mount Carlton. There is no tv, wifi,  radio or cell phone coverage! We will take our kayaks. I got my trout fishing licence for the first time! When one is a creator or an artist we can always keep busy. If flies or weather are bad, I'll have my knitting, my sketchbook with paints, books, a baby quilt to stitch the binding down, and my yoga mat. Hubby reads at least and he's an expert napper! I've been adfing a little color with the Neocolor II crayons to my cows piece. Alos, I cut a few pieces of fusible backed fabric to add here and there. 
My first attempt at the gel transfer using gel medium, newspaper, and organza did not work. It's possible Indidn't let it dry long enough so I'm trying another small piece. 
Yes, it's bees. I'm looking for overall color. You'd have to look closely once it's cut up and stitched on small areas . The organza with the paper backing removed would be quite sheer. I do like the idea of the viewer finding little surprises when they get close.
There's still more to be done. The bits of fabric are not attached. Im just getting an idea of how they'd look. It needs more color, texture, and value to add depth. The weather is warming in these first days of summer and I've been soending a lit of time outside--at the beach and in my yard getting my veggies planted.
Yesterday, I had my feet in the water and my hands in the earth. It reminds me of my favourite quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
On the Island my grandson  enjoyed yesterday with his parents at the beach too.
I really love that they sit right in the water and play with  him.
I'm going out for a walk and then I must do supper and finish packing.  

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