Thursday, June 22, 2017


Summer is here and what a perfect day it is! The temperature has cooled slightlly, the high humidity has passed and a breeze is blowing.  No flies. I started the afternoon in my studio because I could not wait to proceed with my new piece. Cows. Yup, I dont know why; they've slways appealed to me. Maybe it has something to do with the graphic quality of the black and white against green and yellow fields. They seem to generally be gentle, slow moving, curious creatures, unlike horses which make me nervous.
I finished the black free motion stitching for now.
I really wanted to add some color with the Neocolor II crayons.
I will do the cows next and work on creating some mixed media such as newspaper transfer, transfers to organza, and stitched deli paper following Jeannie Palmer Moore's methods on her DVD and in her article in the latest Quilting Arts magazine. The view through my studio window was pulling me; I left the piece to dry and headed outside.
Just like in my artwork, my gardens are always a work in progress, so I don't mind a little messyness. I like to do a little here and there until my body tells me to stop. If i listen, it is enough to get my exercise and some fresh air and sun but not enough, usually, to keep me awake in the night with pain or restless legs. I put a little basil in my herb patch near my kitchen.
I stopped to admire the view after I moved the large black planter. Hubby is away but for a lot of things there is a solution. Might take me a little longer but I get it done. I got out the dolly (wheelie cart), carefully maneuvered the planter onto it and moved it to the new spot.
I weeded a bit around the veggies next to the deck. There are pole beans and peas getting started. Peppers, tomatos and Swiss chard.
Admire the view again, lol.
I took a quick run to the garden center for yellow bean seeds which I put in the raised bed. After that that I came in for supper. This is what the table looks like when hubby isn't home. 
Seafood leftovers- salmon and lobster- and my corn and black bean salad- except for the salmon left from our barbecue he can't eat the rest.  Im pretty tired! I also made a batch of granola which i've been missing with my morning berries and yogourt.
As you may have noticed, I dried a line full of bedding. Its time to put my feet up!  I'll leave you with a pic of my grandson, Ollie, taken last  night by my daughter at the soccer field where his dad coaches.
Happy summer!  


Jo Ferguson said...

Ollie is growing up so fast. Your garden is lovely and I'm enjoying the progress on your cows.

Mereknits said...

HE is so adorable, I know you are enjoying him so much.