Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Quilting, sketching, doodling

Have you noticed any posts on facebook about minimalism? I'm connecting with the concept  because for the last several years, i've been feeling stressed by the things around me. Gradually, I've been cleaning closets, dressers and storage rooms when I can. Every week this year, i've taken a box and/or bags to the second hand store. My daughter would scoff at my attempts; she's becoming quite serious about it. As a quilter, and a fiber and mixed media artist with very few local sources for supplies, it's difficult to really clean out. Still, im getting there with the clutter. I'm noticing i do feel calmer in my rooms with less. I'm trying to do the same thing in my studio-- to a degree. I need my stash! However, I seem to have a few unfinished projects and they do add stress. I haven't posted much lately of new giber art work because I've put a bit of a mratorium on new pieces.  As an example of the need for having supplies on hand, while browsing fb this morning, I came across this beautiful video about combining chalk pastels with water on Alicia Burke's blog. I went down to my art clisetvand pulled out my pastels. I've experimented a little in my sketchbook. At lunch, i started anither page .
The book you may notice above is one I picked up in the bargain section of the bookstore.
Here is one of the spreads. The sample doodles are on the left and my start on the right with an under layer of chalk pastel and water to soften it. I like to kerp it on my table for tea time doodling.
In recent years my drawings with colored pencils and watercolor have been quite detailed. At the same time i've been wanting to try a little looser style. This technique will be fun to experiment with.
Meantime, I can free motion quilt for anout 10 minutes at a time . It's about 3/4 done.  
It's getting greener and lusher in the yard.
When the weather is good, I've been weeding, mulching, dividing perennials and planting. Radishes, beets and spinach are growing under the old window  on my raised bed. Im lucky to have two machines in my studio, one that i have set up for free motion and the second for straight sewing. One of my unfinished projects is to put together more squares cut from an old sample book. Previuosly, i made a bed cushion. I want to use this for a slip cover on a small chair in my bedroom.
My latest socks just off the needles.
I'm never at a loss for something to do! I just need the time and energy!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, too much "stuff" can be overwhelming. I set a goal of cutting my possessions in half. It seems like a lot but we used to live in a one bedroom apartment and I always felt like I had enough. I think my sewing room and books will be my biggest challenge. Love all the projects you have on the go.