Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Gelatin monoprinting workshop

Ive been recuperating from my little workshop trip to the Spruce It Up Quilt shop in Port Elgin, reorganizing and putting away supplies for the last  few days. We had just the right number for the space, six in all. I must say that my host was very welcoming and well organized making my job a lot easier.
I think we fed off each others enthusiasm! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There was always a pleasant surprise when the fabric was slowly pulled away from the mold and a print was revealed.
Although no one really knew what to expect, nit having seen the process before, they all were excited and pretty creative. They took my demos and immediately played and experimented developing their own style. I enjoyed feeling and seeing it all.
They were all pretty inventive with textures. 
  After a quick lunch break, I showed them how to make and incise craft foam stamps.
In the last hour we quickly cleaned up to make time for a little hand stitching on a piece that they chose to use to make a small sewing kit like the one featuured in Quilting Arts October/November 2016.
They left with several fabric prints and and supplies to finish their sewing kit. I enjoyed my day so much that I didn't even notice my sore feet until i had loaded my car and pulled away! Yesterday, I needed to get groceries and then I had my knitting group in the afternoon. I was happy to have a day at home today to catch up and even do a little stitching. This is one of my demo pieces that I used to show the lazy daisy stitch. This afternoon, I added the free motion stitched black to the ferns and flowers. I always like how it defines the images.
The sun came out warming the day so I headed outside to do a little gardening. There's not much up yet. My husband and I have been watching a pair of chickadees going in and out of the burdhouse. Lady year, racoons got a swallow nest in the same box which was mounted near the fence. We're hoping this will be safe.
Each time I'm out I hand till a small section of garden, adding more mulch and the odd garden ornament as I go.
Tomorrow, I've got to head back to Moncton for a check up with the orthapedic surgeon.


Sandi said...

Love seeing the organic plants mixed with the fibre in some of the prints. I think the very loosely woven ?cheeseclth fabric effect is lovely.

Looks like a great workshop.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's wonderful how creative people can feed off each other. The workshop looks like it was fun and they had great results. Loving how your new piece is coming along.