Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Waiting for surgery

My hip replacement is coming in a couple of weeks and while I've got a few things I'd like to finish, summer weather and a back spasm are slowing me down. I've decided I need to slow down some anyway and try to relax a bit.

My garden is flourishing so now besides watering, I need to go round and pick the beans and peas each day. Swiss chard and yellow zucchini squash are also ready.

After lunch I finished all the quilting on the last fiber art pieces that have been hanging around for too long. I won't bore you with more pictures.

I did do a bit free motion work on this small mono printed piece just for fun.

Right now I'm sitting on the deck listening to the trickle of my little fountain and the twitter of goldfinches.

Our birdbath is well used all day-- different types coming at different times.

It's the sparrows and finches at the moment.

My plan for the rest of the afternoon is to sip iced tea and read. Hubby likely won't be home for supper. Nachos may be on the menu for supper.



Linda H said...

Best of luck with your surgery Holly! Hope everything goes smoothly. Do you have a stack of good books and some handwork all ready for your recuperation period?

Robbie said...

Flowers are lovely! so is your quilt!!! Hubby had his hip surgery about 5 years ago and he did and is doing great! He was back golfing in 4 weeks!!! 4 weeks!!!! You'll do fine and will feel great after!

Sandi said...

Enjoy your garden, it is looking lovely. I had foot/ankle surgery many years ago and was non weight bearing for 12 weeks. I reorganized my living room so I could look out and enjoy my condo courtyard. We had a brood of ducklings hatch near our water feature and they along with the sounds of the running water entertained me for several weeks.

I also had a stash of several different hand work pieces to keep me entertained along with good books. May your surgery and recover be a breeze!

Jo Ferguson said...

I always love the pieces you do "just for fun". Your garden looks serene and beautiful.