Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bees and dragonflies in the garden

After being away on Prince Edward Island for the long weekend, I've been washing, unpacking and generally catching up. The baby shower for my daughter at the cottage was great and the weather cooperated. In fact it was nice all weekend. With some help, I managed to get onto the beach and into the water for a float. Very uplifting.

Caley seemed really pleased with the nice turn out of friends and family.

I kept the games simple as it was warm and with so many, not easy to move around. Here are some played oh babies that were made. It went over well-- one was an alien baby, one was anatomically correct, lol, (she's having a boy), and one was wrapped in a blanket. My daughter named it burrito baby.

My good things today.

Gifted maple syrup, seashells and feathers, watermelon cucumber salad for supper and homemade ice tea which I'm sipping now on my corner of the sofa. It's much too muggy and warm outside.

These are my night time knitting projects, the socks are done save the stitching, and the afghan is almost done.

In the studio today I added final touches to the dragonflies and bees. These are such fun that someday I'd like make more and even try a tutorial.

I stitched a couple of the tiny bees onto the Garden. Middle top in pic below.

Bottom right below.

The backing is spray basted on and the three dragonflies are pinned in their place. (I think.) You really have to search for them in the pic of the full piece.


I'll need to stitch them down and finally add the binding.

I'm really trying to get my current work finished before my hip replacement surgery in three weeks. I've got a list! I can hardly believe I'm writing about a hip replacement and that it's going to happen. I'm ready.

I'll leave you with my little sketch from yesterday. Thinking about a future work.



Linda H said...

Sounds like the shower was great fun. Loving your new piece with all the little critters in place.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's been pure joy to watch your garden develop. I'm loving the afghan and I'm pleased that the shower went so well.