Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Little projects and a new idea

My hip replacement is a week away and I'm trying to clean up and finish up a few little things for my gift box.

The first sewing kit is almost done.

And the second one is in progress. I've laid out a few coordinating pieces for the lining and the pocket.

I also had the pieces for a pear pin cushion partly stitched together. All I had to do was to sew the two halves together and it needs the stuffing. I'm going to have to visit my friend (you know who you are) for a bit of crushed walnuts to weight down the bottom before adding the wool.

I get so easily distracted while I'm supposed to be cleaning the studio! Instead of putting away, im pulling things out.

After my last garden piece with all the layers I had a germ of an idea for another piece that I'd like to do as a background for more dragonflies using snippets of fabric and various bits of fiber.


The whole thing will be layered with tulle and free motion stitched. That's the fun part. Once it's layered and stitched, the idea is to use it as background for cosmos or sun flowers with dragonflies.

At least I can leave it layed out on the foam core. It will occupy my thoughts during my recuperation.



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It's always more fun to pull out bits and play than to clean up. My main floor studio is a disaster area without a spot to lay anything down. If I clear a spot it is to build something new. I hope you get everything done that needs doing before the surgery.

elle said...

Enjoy seeing what you are up to, Holly. Things are looking good. Best wishes on your surgery!

Anonymous said...

Part of the fun of cleaning up is finding things that you'd forgotten about or inspire new projects. I love the direction of your new one. The sewing kit is beautiful and I adore the pear.

Sandi said...

I like how you embellished your first kit. Have fun with the next one". The green idea sound great. May you have a smooth recovery.

Robbie said...

Lovely work!!!! You'll do great with hip replacement!!! Hubby had one 5 years ago and was golfing in 6 weeks!!