Saturday, August 20, 2016

Beginnings and endings

Although I'm really looking forward to a new hip next week, I'm also starting to have a little anxiety about it as well. I had a wee bit of trouble with my sleep last night. This morning I knew a visit to the local market would do me good and since hubby is golfing this weekend, I spent the rest of my day immersed in projects in the sewing studio.

Something fun, I free motion stitched my snippets and fibers to the background with an overlay of netting to keep it contained.

My thinking is to use it as a background for some applique flowers and some dragonflies.

I like this hand dye with it. The color says cosmos.

I finished up the small details on the pin cushion and a needle case. They'll be added to my gift box.

Then I even stitched together a burp pad. I've got a few cut out.

It's not that I'm in a frenzy to finish or that I'm in any way putting stress on myself to do so. It's simply the best way for me to channel my nervous energy.

I've even got two knitting projects almost finished. The afghan above.

And a pair of alpaca socks for my husband.

Of course I can't wait to start some new ones! Last night I put my sock patterns in plastic pages. I've been accumulating different ones since starting up with the local sock knitting group.

Keeping busy is the best thing for me right now. Even if im nervous about the hip replacement surgery, I'm so looking forward to walking, biking and swimming again. I haven't been near my beloved trail and fall will be just the time to be reacquainted.



Mystic Quilter said...

I get what you mean about the keeping busy to keep your mind from straying!! I do exactly the same thing and end up tiring myself out in the process.
No I like what you've created for your background piece here and lovely pear pin cushion and needle case. Do have some hand stitching for when you have had surgery or will you be knitting and reading?

Mereknits said...

I have been cleaning like a mad woman to get my mind off things. I wish you the very best of luck with your hip Holly, I think you will be amazed at how much better you will feel.

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm glad you were able to keep all that nervous energy focused on something creative. Lots of beautiful projects to get back to when you're better and such lovely finishes.