Saturday, August 13, 2016

A day trip

We took off on a little excursion today, (no golfing for hubby); the weather was perfect, so off we went. We drove the along the coast to Caraquet where we stopped at a favourite cafe and French bakery called Les Graines Folies for we had a nice lunch. I left with a few loaves of sour dough bread destined for the freezer.

From there we drove down the road to Village Blanchard to a small quilt and yarn shop called Atelier de Tricots et Couture where I dropped off a quilt for machine stitching. I also left with a few things!

She really has a little of everything. I bought yarn which I didn't need, but couldn't resist the colors, Setacolor fabric paint,swaddling muslin, kids prints in flannel, some quilting cotton and a little kit for a child's hat with a soccer ball for the top. The dad of our grandson to be plays and coaches soccer.

On our way back we stopped at Grand Anse beach. It is a lovely sheltered bay; the air was warm and the water was refreshing. We had the aforethought to bring along suits and towels.

While I sat drying (those stones were lovely and warm), I did a tiny sketch of the top of the church.

By that time we were hungry again so we bought a small homemade fry to share from the popular cantine which we ate along with our healthy apple snack, lol.

The breakwaters are built to protect this small wharf.

All in all it really was one of those rare special days that you carry with you in memory through the winter. Something to think about before and after my surgery in less than two weeks.



Verna G said...

Sounds absolutely lovely!

Jo Ferguson said...

Looks like a lovely day. Also, if we love the colours, don't we "need" it?