Friday, August 19, 2016

Mono printing feathers

There is a process I read about ages ago, maybe in Quilting Arts, that I've always wanted to try. It's a monoprinting method.

I started with my design drawn onto tracing paper which is tacked up on the window and overlaid with freezer paper, paper side out.

Using a pencil I then traced the design onto the paper side of the freezer paper. Note that the end product will be reversed unless it is reversed at this point.

I then ironed the waxed side of the freezer paper onto a piece of white cotton fabric.

Using a brayer I rolled fabric screen printing paint onto glass and lightly laid the fabric with the freezer paper design on top, fabric down.

With a pen and being careful not to lay my hand or arm down, I traced the design.

Here is the resulting print on fabric along with a ghost print that I pulled afterwards.

During my convalescence over the next few weeks, I'll have lots of ways to imagine using this piece and how I might produce more with variations. For instance, I'm already thinking I'd like a finer black line. One could start with a painted or dyed fabric or as I plan to do add color later. I have a project percolating. Colors will come as I proceed.
I'm already thinking some sketcherly flowers would be lovely using this method. My body may be slowing but my mind never quits! It is always a nice distraction for me during all my procedures and pains. Thank goodness for my art and it's healing power.



Robbie said...

Very clever! Like this technique! Similar process Kemshall's use when Laura draws with a pointed skewer then lays fabric on top for a monoprint. I can't draw feathers so your process is perfect. Thanks for showing us!

Jo Ferguson said...

It's lovely. Thanks for the walk through of the technique.

elle said...

yes, a great technique!!!