Monday, November 23, 2015

Second poinsettia print

The forecast was for 25cm of snow today. We got a few inches and it seems to have ebbed right now. Miserable to go for errands but pretty to see from the comfort of home.

I'm anxious for the lights to come on at suppertime.

I delivered a pumpkin chilli meal to a friend recovering from surgery and came straight home for tea and a rest.

This morning I also went to the camera store to try out a tri pod to photograph my work. I'll need to put it on my wish list!

I got out my second poinsettia print and added Neocolor II crayon colours around it, this time with some blue in it. I like it although it always dries paler than I'd like. I think I'll add another layer before I stitch on it.


Right now, I'm going to finish my tea with my feet up before I go put the honey garlic chicken breast that is currently marinating into the oven.



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Love the poinsettia....

Jo Ferguson said...

I love the added blue in the poinsettia. I always love freshly fallen snow.....from the comfort of home. We just had our first dusting.

Peggy said...

The deck photos are beautiful, Holly -- bet it's lovely at night with the lights. Love the poinsettias and the mug rug AND the view while you work on them. Pumpkin chili is something I've seen referred to a few times in the last day or so -- guess I better check it out!