Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I've been t spending a rather quiet and pensive Remembrance Day, doing a few things around house and garden but also,resting also and thinking about wars past , present and future. Ever hopeful for the future.

I just discovered CBC radio's livestream of Canadian composers and listening as background while I got the quilting finished on the birches.

I'm on the last section of the border on the bottom. The horizontal woven threads are bothering me. They seem to mess with the curvy,organic feel, but cest la vie. It's there and I'm not ripping.

This morning, I cut the last of my herbs from the back door garden--sage and oregano-- and brought it in to dry.



I've been having a lot of back and leg pain from the pinched nerve in my lower back. I'm very happy to be seeing the neurologist in 3 weeks.

I've found that the sauna and hot tub at the spa seem to help, so I'm changing and heading over. I'm about 2 minutes away.


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Jo Ferguson said...

I'm sorry your still in pain. Hopefully they'll be able to help relieve it. I think the quilting looks very organic. I agree with your decision to leave it and keep on going.