Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little accomplishments

Things have been a little slow and quiet here recently. I'm not myself. Some of you may know I've been dealing with some arthritis and joint issues plus a recently diagnosed pinched nerve in my spine. On top of that, I'm waiting for do sinus surgery to remove polyps and surgery on my knee for a torn meniscus.

I know, I'm a wreck!

I'm seeing the neurologist in a couple of weeks to consult about the pinched nerve now that I've had the MRI. In the meantime, the pain has increased to a sometimes unbearable point. I've been increasing all my medications and I'm taking heavy duty painkillers.

All that adds up to less time in the studio. My mind and my ideas keep chugging along though and I keep a notebook nearby lest I forget all the 'inspirations' as a result of my brain fog.

Today, I am feeling pretty satisfied that I managed to get outside and pick some of my kale. It's the last thing in the garden and it will soon freeze. I want to make some kale chips which I love to crumble atop a salad.

While out there, I noticed one poppy seed head. These are annual poppies. The seeds were sent to me by a fellow blogger and I'll be so happy to let her know that I managed to harvest a few seeds.

The seed heads are so pretty, aren't they?

Such tiny, seemingly insignificant things, but they really do bring happiness.

After a rest involving heat and ice packs, I then went into my sewing studio. My husband finally got the sheds in place in the yard and cleaned up the paraphernalia that was around them. The apple tree is always the last thing with golden leaves still clinging to it. Next year, the plan is to add a bit of shrubbery to camoflage the compost bins in the back corner. They were behind the sheds but it was too difficult for me to get to them there.

The bird bath and all the garden ornaments have been put away and we've moved the feeders near to our deck for better winter viewing from inside. My husband filled the raised bed with a layer of leaves and compost.

I love a line of clothes don't you?

I am experimenting with making a small birch branch which I fashioned from wire and wrapped with floral tape. Next, I will wrap it with brown fabric.

I wrapped my electric heat belt around me and did some free motion stitching onto some hooped leaf coloured batik. There is a layer of heavy disolvable interfacing on the bottom.

Once I've layered enough thread colours, I'll rinse it and carefully cut them out. I'm hoping some added starch will give them some shape.

It's all experimental at this stage.

May you're weekend be restful and creative in some small way. It really can ease what ails you.



Mystic Quilter said...

Sorry to hear about all the health issues Holly you're having a very difficult time. Medication helps some but knocks you as well - can't win! Hope some of these issues can be resolved for you as quickly as possible, I know what it's like to have multiple health problems.
Do post us photos of your annual poppies next time they flower - next Summer I guess. Take Care.

Primroses Attic said...

Holly you are going through it. I hope you get the pain under control and get sorted out soon. It's so hard when you are in so much pain. I need to get in the garden to put things away and there are leaves everywhere that need picking up.

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm glad to see you're still creating, even though you're in so much pain. It will, at least, do your heart good. The stitched leaves are gorgeous.