Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finishing my birches, finally and some knitting

I am anxiously awaiting an appointment with the neurologist on Thursday to see what he says about the MRI and the pinched nerve. I hope there'll be a solution besides all the painkillers!

My morning began with breakfast, tea and a small sketch.

My sewing time is broken up with rest periods in between. I was happy to spend some time in the sunny studio today.

We had a very light dusting of snow overnight and the temps today were around 2C when I was out. Lovely, sunny and not windy though so quite pleasant. As many of you may know, I love a line of clothes.

Finally, I sewed the binding onto my birches. I'm so happy to be getting to the end, as I very much want to move on to some Christmas sewing and to be able to post things again. I can only show a sneak peak.

I used two colours in the binding because of the different fabrics in the border.

Here is a detail.

When I need to put my legs up and use heat and ice, I can turn to some knitting.

I'm into these owl hats which I knit with wool and line with fleece around the bottom.

I finished a pair of socks.

And started new ones yesterday. I'm even getting shoulder and elbow issues so I have to limit the knitting too, lol. I'm a mess!



Kate said...

Your hat is really cute. Reminds me I need to make some mittens.

Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely sneak peak of your birches, I love the rich orange/brown colours in the border. Your owl hat is cute and such a good idea for Autumn/Winter, nothing like keeping warm. Wishing you well for your appt. on Thursday - do let me know.

beth s said...

Look forward to seeing your birches. The close up looks wonderful!

Peggy said...

The birch quilt, what we can see, is beautiful, Holly. I hope everything goes well with your appointment and you are soon back to normal. In spite of it all, you are making some really cool things, I love the owl hat! :) Healing vibes coming your way...

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love the birches. So glad you are getting ready to do some Christmas sewing! Always my favourite! Love the owl hat. Do you have a pattern?

KaHolly said...

You do such lovely work! Just take it slow!

Jo Ferguson said...

I love the owl hat and those socks are wonderful. As always, your work in the Birches is impressive.