Saturday, November 7, 2015


Well, I have been away to visit family and to see the orthopaedic surgeon on my way home, combining a necessary trip with a quick jaunt to PEI to stay with my sister. I spent some quality time with her, my mother and my daughter.

For a short time, I thought that the Singer Featherweight which was my mothers and on which I learned to sew had disappeared. My mother who has been diagnosed with Moderate Cognitive Impairment, possibly leading to Alzeimers, couldn't remember where it went.

My sister was busy and only noticed my queries after I had fretted for a while because she was busy. I was so happy to hear that she had it and I was able to bring it back with me.

It also has the black wooden carrying case and the table which it can set into.

I couldn't resist giving it a little test run and it sews like a dream. I won't sew with it though until I get it cleaned and oiled.

I got results from my MRI at the meeting with the surgeon. He showed me the pictures where I could see the marked tear in the meniscus of my right knee. Surgery in about 3 months, I hope. He also showed me the collapse of the L4/L 5 joint in the spine where the nerve is being pinched. I have an appointment with the neurologist in a few weeks to consult about that. So, things are moving, however slowly, but positively toward resolution for some of my issues. I'm optimistic in between my bouts of frustration.

Today, I went to our guild UFO day which I always enjoy. It is such a happy place to spend time and it passes much too quickly.

I did manage (with help from my friend Sue) to finish this bag finally.

It is the smaller version of the This and That bag from I used bits of my Gelli prints on each side of the bag. It makes a unique and personalized gift.

Around mid afternoon, I came home and dressed for a walk. It was cold and blustery as November can be, but I drove to the part of the trail that I love and it was sheltered from the wind.

I have walked here many, many times, and it is always beautiful no matter the month, the season, or the weather. It is always in transition and never the same. Most of the colourful leaves are down. Here and there are splashes of color.

I can't walk very far or long but there is so much to see, I don't need to.

My eyes are drawn to the now softer colours of the birch grove. I wonder how many times I've photographed this scene.

Then, there are so many plants in their dried form that catch my eye. When I'm out more often I will notice them early in the season and be able to identify them but some I have not seen. The dried seed heads and leaves were almost glowing.

When I first spied this one, it looked in the sunlight as if someone had sprayed it gold. And the shapes are fascinating.

Just look atthe color here! I love the delicate etchings of the gold needles-- tamarack, I think.

I covered such a short distance and now have some pain down my legs but I saw such beauty that will keep me inspired for a while.



Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Good luck with all your health issues, Holly! Perhaps once you get the medicinal ball rolling, so it speak, things will continue to be looked after for you. I understand your frustration, but keep focusing on the progress.

I have been noticing more and more of the golden/orange needled trees as the colours change and today Rejean and I took a drive around roads we hadn't travelled before in the Rexton area. There the sides of the roads were lined with these needles and again we pondered what type of tree they came from. So, thank you for identifying them as tamarack! They sure are beautiful! I see a huge stand of them everyday I drive downtown and I am always amazed at how bright and vibrant they are.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You really do have a beautiful place to walk. Such a variety of nature's beauties.

Jo Ferguson said...

Your photos are stunning. I adore the bag and I'm jealous about the Singer. I'm looking forward to seeing what you sew with it. The health care system is definitely a "hurry up and wait" kind of thing. I hope you get your appointments sooner rather than later.