Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finally, some Christmas sewing and decorating

Yesterday, was a beautiful mild fall day, the kind that you just have to get out and enjoy. I cut my UFO day short to come home and get out to the trails to gather more branches. Hubby came to help and was the one who spotted the nest.

I'm not sure what kind of nest it would be but here were lots of chickadees flitting about looking for food. Next time, I'll go prepared.

I even got started with the boughs across the deck.

I haven't added in the reds yet and I plan to finish the corners with some boughs hanging vertically.

I picked up the sweet little Martha Stewart snowflake lights from Home Depot. They're laid out to see the effect. The wires will be better concealed.

This morning, I put a pumpkin chilli (recipe from Pinterest) in the crock pot.

Then I went to the sewing room for a half hour, putting away my things from yesterday. I've finally finished my fiber art birches! Yippee! I had a few minutes to test out the free motion quilted holly leaves on the poinsettia.

It's going nicely. I think I'd like to do the second one and make cushion covers for my living room. Time will tell.

I hope you're enjoying your Sunday.



Mystic Quilter said...

Pumpkin chilli looks delicious! Your decorations are looking good out there and I love your lights, one of the best things about Christmas.

Jo Ferguson said...

Your outdoor decorations are beautiful and so natural. The nest looks like an Osprey nest. Do you have them in your area? The FMQ on your poinsettia piece is coming along beautifully.