Monday, August 31, 2015

Mushroom sketch and Fiber birch trees

 I started my day off right with a small colored pencil, Neocolor II crayon sketch while having my tea after breakfast.

 The mushrooms were picked up along the trail in the park last evening.
As I sketch, I'm sitting with ice and then a hot pack on my back..

After that, I went outside to put in a few more seeds for fall crops. I cleaned out the deck box and put in a fall lettuce mix. Then I put some spinach and radishes into my raised bed. Unbelievably, the mosquitoes were out!

It is still summer, I'm trying to hang onto it, (aren't we all?) but although I want to work on my beach themed piece, my head is into my beloved birches again.

Before doing any more crazy patch squares, I thought I'd move the piece along with  the ideas that are running through my head. As i move along with it pieces will come and go. This is just a design wall with my mix of ideas for now. I do believe if I continue with the busy crazy patches, that I will use the solid black narrow border.

 I'm thinking this time about adding a path leading into the grove, so I cut out a few pieces of fabric backed with fusible and tacked it up.Of course it will need lots of additional bits to give it depth and dimension. Do you get the idea?

Well, I've got to go change into my bike shorts.A friend is cycling this way shortly and I'll join her for my little 20 minute jaunt.

Happy Monday!


Jo Ferguson said...

I adore your watercolours. I'm one of those people (sorry) who are happy to see fall arriving. Maybe it goes back to actually enjoying school. I'm enjoying the progress of your Birch quilt.

Jo Ferguson said...
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