Monday, August 24, 2015

the shore, the garden, fabric

Yesterday, was a golf day off for hubby and we decided to take a short drive down the coast to the Stonehaven wharf. It is in the opposite direction of the in laws place at the beach and we hadn't been there in years. I like to get around with my camera, taking pictures that i store for future inspiration. My husband joked that he was 'driving Miss Daisy'. 
The terrain there is completely different than the more beach-y areas that stretch before and after it.

We don't see the fishing boats in the Bathurst basin as it is too shallow. Fun to read the names.

Afterwards, we went to the in laws place in Beresford to visit and take out the kayaks. There are lots of shore birds around right now as fall approaches. I cant believe I managed to catch this one in flight.

And this one with a fish.

The heron however, kept moving away from me.

This morning, after my tea and breakfast and getting clothes on the line, I made a couple of jars of  old fashioned blueberry jam using no pectin and less sugar. This recipe has maple syrup in it. I made 1/2 a recipe.

Wild Blueberry Jam

I'm planning to do a tomato and sausage stuffed zucchini for supper.

The garden is looking a bit wild with the nasturtiums winding their way around the cosmos and the herbs by the back door.

The sunflowers are just blooming and I really like them against the fence.

The scarlet runner beans are taking over the deck.

Late summer colors run from deep purples, pinks, oranges and gold.  I can't resist picking some of the wild tansy that  grows along the roads. It will dry out and hold it's color for months.

I can't possibly sketch or use all this inspiration in my work but I do try to enjoy all the sensual nourishment at least.

Now, I must go and get started on that zucchini

I'd love to hear how your enjoying your summer (or winter).


Unknown said...

Sounds like you have had a very pleasant day and I loved hearing about your adventures on P.E.I. We live in Fredericton but have a trailer at Twin Shores in Malpeque. I absolutely love the Island. We go back and forth--hubby golfs here and we have gardens as well. I am hand quilting a Xmas quilt for one of my grandchildren and have another one ready to go for his sister when I am done the first. Very simple compared to what you do.
Love seeing your sewing projects as well.

Peggy said...

Hi Holly, I've been enjoying catching up with you here! How wonderful to live near water. And congratulations on your show! I've looked back a ways and can't find the Vietnamese pickled bean recipe -- have you shared it or would you be willing to share because they sound just right. Have a beautiful week! xo

Anonymous said...

lovely photos

Mereknits said...

Such a beautiful day Holly, everywhere you look there was something special to see.