Saturday, August 22, 2015

home again, domestic creativity, sewing again

I have been away to Prince Edward Island to the family cottage to spend time with family and visit the opening of the SAQA Atlantic Region fiber art show Structures at the Guild Gallery in Charlottetown.

I'm not fond of my picture - I never am--but here I am with my piece. Can you see how red I was from the heat? We were in the midst of a heat wave.

 The weather was spectacular! It was almost too warm even at the beach. I hated to leave this view after I'd had all the sun and salt water I could handle for the day.

My daughter spent the two nights at the cottage with me; it was a much needed break for her and some nice bonding time for the two of us. We sunned, we swam, we walked a bit and when we'd had enough we visited our favorite pottery shop to pick up a few small pieces. This will be my new go to mug. My old one has developed a hairline crack. I collect the little bowls to use for individual dips and small snacks.

 On my last day, I went into Charlottetown for the show and to stay with my brother for the night. It also gave me time to visit my mom and take her out to my sister's cafe for lunch. She has recently been diagnosed with pre Alzheimers, so time is precious. You can see the valances that I made for the cafe, The Thoughtful Squash..

Everything on the menu is made from scratch. Mom and I each had an egg and lobster salad on ciabatta and we shared a piece of rhubarb/apple crumb top pie.

Just around the corner from the Thoughtful Squash is an art gallery called The Red House Art Gallery. Both mom and I purchased watercolor paintings. Everything was at a very reduced price in the small shed. I bought one that said 'island' and mom bought a sweet one with two dachshunds standing together and looking back at the artist. I  think she will enjoy their  mischievous look. She always had a dog until her senior years in an apartment.

It seems impossible that I've been and returned already. Sometimes it feels as though I'm aboard a spinning wheel that goes faster as I age and as determined as I am to slow down and enjoy life. I do enjoy it, but there is so much I want to do!

Since I've been home, I've been trying to catch up on the house and the garden. There were beans, rhubarb and zucchini to pick.This morning ,I grated a small bit of my huge zucchini to make muffins.

I'll be looking for more ways to use them up. And, to add to that, I got an email from a friend who picks wild blueberries and I just got back from picking up a large bag. from her.

They are well cleaned though, so what we don't use immediately for breakfasts ,can go into the freezer.

I've continued to work at my little sketches at meal or tea times.

Yesterday, hubby sent me an email from his work with a picture of this bug, asking if I'd like him to bring it home. So thoughtful! Some wives get flowers; I get bugs. Much appreciated though. Better than store bought flowers.
Last night, I picked up the twig which was laying in he middle of the paved path in the park where I walk.It was inviting itself home to my table where it has joined shells, seaweed, and the bug.

I've had time today to work at a zigzag border for the tulip piece that I've had on the go for a while. It's not something I tried before but I think it suits this piece. I've a few more rounds to go before it is finished. I'm showing just a bit even though you've seen it before because I'm sending it off to a quilt show.

Now, I'll hit publish and head to the kitchen to put some mackerel into foil for the barbecue.


Suzanne Ramsay said...

Thank you for sharing so candidly. I agree also that time seems to slip by faster since I appreciate it more. My mother also has a disease that steals our time, Parkinson's. I really enjoy your blog and I hope someday to have a similar blog and hope to inspire as you do.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. Keeping in touch with our kid, especially one on one time is so important. I hope your mom progress very slowly with the Alzheimer's and that you still have some good years ahead.

Mystic Quilter said...

You sound to have enjoyed your break away visiting family and the show - lovely to see your piece on the wall there. How busy you have been since you returned home though - nothing like collecting home grown vegetables.

Mereknits said...

Holly it sounds like you had a wonderful time away. Your piece looks fantastic, and so do you!