Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lazing about

My husband has been on his vacation these past two weeks--that along with the weather, and the garden have kept me from much work in my studio. We've been going to the beach on hot afternoons,  kayaking and swimming. Here and there, I've squeezed in a bit of sketching--once while out in my kayak and a few times with my tea after a meal.

I went out on a windy afternoon and attempted a quick sketch while sitting lodged by the wind and tide against a tiny island in the lagoon. The kayak was rocking and the salt spray was sprinkling my face and my sketchbook. I  had to finsih this one at home.

Every trip to the beach brings a few more odd pieces to my table where I can choose a subject for a sketch along with my tea.

Can you see that tiny black spot on the sea shell? It is a small moth that lay stretched and dried on the sand. Husband groaned when I reached for it as he knew it would end up in front of him at the breakfast table. Perhaps it will be inspiration for a piece of stitching. I have signed up for a workshop at the Fiber Art festival in Amherst, NS this fall, called insects and winged things, perfect for me!

He complained but I knew he'd accept it as part of my odd collection destined for sketching. I am lucky.

These are the lazy days of summer--coasting along in our kayaks with the tide while watching for the birds and wildlife. There is currently a bald eagle reining over the lagoon.

Later, at home, we sit rocking gently on our back deck eating barbecued burgers and listening to the birdsong and watching the antics of all the baby birds around the yard.

This is a female hummingbird --one of a set of siblings that chase each other through the branches of the apple tree and the honeysuckle hedge. They do not like the other one to get to the feeder at our window, often squawking in their high pitched way, chasing the other away.
Often, I stretch out on the swing with the camera or my knitting.

It is gradually being surrounded and intertwined with the lush summer growth.
The scarlet runner beans seem to grow inches daily, trailing over the top of the deck and winding themselves around a chime.

I have scads of beans that I've been picking form my raised bed which I must use soon.

Do you blame me,  for not getting much fiber art done? We have to soak up the wonders of our short summer season here in northern New Brunswick. It will be cooling soon enough.

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Mystic Quilter said...

You do sound to be enjoying the Summertime! I had to laugh when I read the comment made by your husband - but I love shells and the photo of your collection is just waiting to be sketched.
Enjoy the good weather, loved your post with garden, birds and beach it's a great start to the day!

Mereknits said...

You have to enjoy the beautiful days while you have them, and you tell that Hubby of yours he is one lucky man to be married to such a creative artist.

Erica Sta said...

First Time here. I found your blogadress under Pinterest. It's fantastic to read about summertime in other countries. And of course to See some captures of this time.

Cheers, Heidrun from old town Augsburg, Bavaria