Tuesday, August 25, 2015

a watercolor, muffins, resting

This morning, I lazed about a bit, enjoying a second cup of tea, doing a crossword and then a quick watercolor study of the cosmos from my garden.

 I decided to use more of the blueberries and make this recipe for Oatmeal Blueberry muffins. The only change I made was to use half whole wheat flour and to add sunflower seeds They are yummy. After sampling a couple, I wrap them individually and freeze them in bags for my husbands lunches. (And a few for me)

While I had my camera, out I thought I'd take a few pictures of my favorite spots in my home. I had a little chuckle at my own expense. A few times a year when I clean and give things away, I like to think that I'm a bit of a minimalist, lol. I'm a bit delusional. While I'm not a big collector, I certainly collect.

Nothing rare or pricey, kitschy things that catch my eye, natural bits from the world outside, and often art supplies.

I hang some of my artwork and I love lots of plants. Even in the bathroom.

This is at the end of my hallway at the entrance to my small sewing room/studio.

I really did make the tour all the while appreciating my favorite things.

Several years ago, my husband made these chimes for me from the copper pipes that he removed from the house. It has been re-strung a few times and we've had to replace the wind catcher at the bottom. We needed another new one when it happened that we found a piece of 1/4 inch thick molded plastic found floating on the water of the bay while kayaking.  My husband picked it up and we brought it home. It was then that he noticed the chime and asked me what I'd think of using it for the new wind catcher. Last night he cut a piece and attached it.
I love being able to re-purpose things!

This is a small framed mirror that I made from my collected seashells.

My artistic endeavors and my creative thoughts tend to be all over the place too! Last night, I finished this crocheted basket.. that caught my eye on Pinterest.

This afternoon, as I stretched out with an ice pack on my hip, I've been looking at my photos,  thinking about a new piece of fiber art and how I might approach it it. I'd like to do something beach or water themed and use some mono printing methods.
Even my mind is busy when I can't be. I got the call yesterday for the much awaited cortisone shot done by the radiologist at the hospital for this afternoon at 1pm. It was a different doctor this time and besides that each time it can be different. He did use some freezing,but when he put in the catheter with the dye to see the placement it wasn't exactly right so he had to adjust it. There was a bit more pain than last time and I was glad to have my husband to drive me home. After ice and Tylenol I'm feeling less pain. Still taking it a bit easy though. It could be painful for a few days. I'm hoping for improvement in mobility after that.

I'm glad that I have my supper all done too, so I can relax now with my thoughts and my tea.

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Susan J Barker said...

When we reach a 'certain' age, favourite things become so important! Not too many now, but each is special and holds a special memory! I loved seeing your favourite things!

Jo Ferguson said...

I completely agree with Susan's comment. Your watercolour study is beautiful.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh I just love this tour of your favourite spots in your home, just loved it! Makes me want to go and assess which are my truly favourite spots, presently they are sitting in a chair with heating on my back because of problems which you know about!

Mereknits said...

I loved the tour Holly. I have to say my mind is always busy, even when I am sleeping which is probably why I am always so tired.