Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow Day

Sunday is not such a bad day to have a snow day especially, when you know it's coming and can be prepared. It's nice to spend a little time stretched out with tea, some knitting and some reading, and the view is so pretty.

I'll admit that the last few days have been a bit stressful since I came so close last Tuesday to causing a fire with the pot left on the stove all day. We thought maybe we could rid the smell with our own elbow grease, but it became apparent yesterday that it wasn't working. We will call our insurance and the contractor tomorrow.

Painting a focus wall in the living room was planned before this happened, so my husband went ahead and did that.

I've taken a picture with my I Pad as I'm not up to using the camera and uploading photos today. I'm kind of collapsing after all the work we've been doing.  The color is called overcast sky. It is I kind of a blend of taupe and light eggplant.

The little clear glass pendant light is new too. We got rid of one sofa and brought part of the sectional up from downstairs. Eventually, the other half will come up. The color matches nicely and it's fairly new so we'll live with it for a while.

I've been thinking about getting back to my artwork but I'm feeling too unsettled. I did, however, get a piece of fabric prepared with a backing for painting when things relax.

Yesterday, I put together a 25 patch for new cushions using the 10 inch collection I ordered from Fingerprint studios in the UK. 

The colors are perfect for the sofa and the new paint color.

Today, I laid out the squares for the second one. 

I don't know what we'll be doing over the next week as we see how to proceed with the cleaning. I may not be posting again until things settle. 

I've  just noticed the snow seems to be getting heavier. Perhaps I'll be getting my exercise tonight with the snow shovel.



imquilternity said...

Wow... you have been busy. The snow looks lovely, but the shoveling doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun! :) What a contrast... I just came in from working out in the garden. I had to wear a sweatshirt, but I was sweating by the time I was done. I guess both types of weather are to be appreciated!! Take care of yourself and don't work too hard.

Mystic Quilter said...

Good to read that you are slowly getting back to normal, good luck with your calls to the insurance and contractor, hope they can get on to it quickly for you.
What a marvellous use of the Fingerprint fabric, we both had these around the same time I think, they are so effective as smaller patches.

Eileen said...

I understand what you are saying Holly, when something like the burnt pot situation happens, thinking about it can zap your energy for creativity. Hopefully the professionals can take over now.

Mereknits said...

I think the snow looks so beautiful, but then again I do not have to shovel it. I can understand how frazzled you feel. Hopefully you can get some help and get everything settled just like you want it.
Hugs to you and take care of yourself,