Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Painted sky

The huge noisy fan and air cleaner has been running for just over 24 hours and I'm getting a bit used to it at least. Some of you will know about my near disaster with a pot left on the stove. Miraculously, there was no fire but there is a lingering burnt smell that the cleaning and washing didn't alleviate.
Because of the noise we've not been able to use the living room or eat in the dining area. We are lucky to have a rec room in the basement to go to. I think we'll have it for the week and then have to reassess for smell at that  time. If it doesn't work the contractor will come in to clean and paint. Fingers crossed.

This is my living room with the new wall color behind the sofa. We moved one half of the sectional up from the rec room but we'll need help for the second part. We'll wait as we'll delay delivery of the new piece that we bought for downstairs until the smell is gone. The dining area appears to be a fairly brighter green than it really is.. It is actually not quite as limey as shown here. It must be the bright sunshine coming in the sliding doors.

I've spent most of the day in my sewing studio. Despite the sun, it's bitterly cold here; no walk today. I am one to bundle up no matter the temperature but the wind stopped me today.

Finally, I painted a piece of fabric for the sky on my rocky hill. I know it always dries lighter than the wet paint appears, so I painted it a bit darker than I wanted. It is still wet in the picture and has actually dried a little lighter than I'd hoped. It may be OK as the sky is really pale in the reference photo. Maybe I'll do another one to choose from; it can always be used in another piece.

I also sewed together the second pillow top and then got them both sandwiched and ready for some minimal machine quilting following the grid of squares.


Lastly, I've another 'birdy' photo for you. Well, two actually. It's hard to believe such little things can survive this cold. They seem to be conferring here. The temperature was about -27C at the time. Perhaps they ere complaining.

Quite amazing how their brilliant yellow fades in winter to beautiful soft greys and black with a tiny spot of pale yellow. They are quite camouflaged. The speck of yellow almost seems to be a trick of the sunlight.



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love your colorful walls. My living/dining room is a touch brighter than your purple but still a grayed purple so I love your new wall paint. The dining area color looks great with it. I know how paint colors look different depending on the light. I actually think that is pretty neat, like having the room repainted and then back to its original color all in one day.

elle said...

I'm seeing good stuff! You are off to a great new year after that missed step! Take care!

Patricia said...

Try spraying a vinegar and water solution on anything that it won't harm. My son was in an apartment underneath one that burned and the only thing that got rid of the smell on his laundry was vinegar in the washer. You might try setting some out in a bowl too.

Wendy said...

Love your feathered friends, and your new painted walls although I cant help thinking how fortunate you are that the damage was not worse.

Mereknits said...

Your new fabric piece is looking wonderful. Hope the smell is out of the house in no time.
Hugs and stay warm,

driftwood said...

oh those little birds are just gorgeous x what are they called?