Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little zippered bags

Having  driven hubby to work this morning, I have the car for the day. I went to my 9:30 AM yoga class and afterwards, I went looking for a piece of grey fabric to use as a binding on my pillows. Then I went to The Book Gallery, a local independent book store, where I had a bowl of corn chowder with a biscuit. I sat basking like a cat in a sunny window all the while doing a bit of knitting as I spooned in the soup.

In my studio this afternoon, I've been puttering a bit, going through some of my discarded and left over bits of screen printed fabrics, looking for something that I could use to make a couple of zippered pouches with the vinyl fronts.

I've cut the pieces to make two pouches. They're a bit labor intensive as I want to do a small bit of free motion stitching on the screen prints, but that is the fun part for me. Also, I like being able to use pieces that I've previously set aside as not quite good enough for a larger piece.

The only other thing I did was to lay out my rocks against the piece of fabric that I painted. I think the color is OK. Bear in mind that I will need to add some shrubbery and some trees to the background and it will not end up looking so peachy.

I think I'll paint another piece too just to have some choice. I'm so anxious to get the background elements on and get to the stitching part.

I've just eaten a half an apple with nuts while writing this. I'm off now to make a tea before I have to go back to pick up hubby.


Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...
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Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Those two fronts for the zippered pouches, look great.

Verna G said...

Sounds like a lovely day!

Mereknits said...

It amazes me that you can whip up these pouches that easily. They are wonderful and your big project is looking fabulous.

Threadpainter said...

Your rocks look fabulous against that background, especially as the rocks start to warming towards the background colour ! said...

really wonderful Holly! : )