Monday, January 26, 2015

Thread painting shanties

While it's a beautiful, sunny winter day here today, tomorrow will be a different story. The storm that is coming up the eastern seaboard is slated to hit here as well.

I didn't go for a walk though, as it is quite windy and I spent a good deal of my morning getting my cleaning chores done. I've got my sheets hanging on the line. Am I crazy to find this a pretty sight?

I've added more flowers to my pendant light.

I like the look and it effectively softens the light in that corner.


 After lunch, I sat down at my machine and had fun with some thread painting.

I've added a Timtex backing as this is a small piece for me, at about 4"by 6" when finished. I think I will bind it in the fabric you can just see in behind

There are a few little things that I'm not quite satisfied with but I will let  it rest for today..

When I'm sitting at my machine, I can watch the little birds at the finch feeder and in the adjacent lilac tree. I like to keep the camera handy. Sometimes it's hard to focus on my stitching!

I'm editing this to say it is a pine siskin.

Well, that's my Monday. Oh yes, I already made a half sized blueberry crumble which I plan to have for dinner along with salmon and beet greens.

Now it's time for tea. I hope you're all having a good Monday.


Primroses Attic said...

Love your thread painting, I have never tried. great pic of the birds.

Eileen said...

Art is everywhere in your life. From the clothes on the line, to adding cutouts to a lamp to depicting the local fisherman with tread......You lead an artist's life, Holly.

Soonymary said...

love your sea shanties Holly...and did last year as well. It is so different from where I live in fact I have never seen snow.

MysticQuilter said...

Neat new thread painting Holly, and the little goldfinch is a sweetie - I love birds! Hope you weather the coming storm safely.