Sunday, May 25, 2014

To piece or not to piece and a new blog

This weekend, I did a little more free motion stitching and started adding a narrow border. The plum accent border will finish at 3/4".

You might be able to see where I stitched small plum colored flowers and added yellow centres to some daisy like flowers.

Now, I'm at the point where I'm playing with ideas as to how to finish it. Should it have a plain batik border or should I piece a border?
I'm playing with a pieced border with a couple crazy patches thrown in.

Sometimes, I like to add bits of my screened fabric here and there. The pieces below were screened with fabric paint and colored over with Neocolor II crayons. The purple side is wet and will probably fade a bit as it dries.

Should it maybe have a plain batik border instead of a pieced one?

This is what makes the process fun for me. I get ideas, I drag out my scraps, I play, and then I come to the slow more thoughtful part. Making up my mind. It's never wasted time though, because I have fun in the process, and if I decide not to use the stripped pieces or blocks, they become the starting points for other projects such as bags or mug rugs.
This is about as messy as I get. There are 3 projects on the go here.

This morning, I headed outside to pot up a few plants. We've had so little sun that it must be enjoyed when it comes.
Yesterday, I went for a long walk and decided en route that I would start another blog where I would write more about my journey with chronic illness and chronic pain. I want to hear from others in the same boat and hear about how they cope. Yes, it might be kind of crazy to start another blog when it's sometimes hard to keep up with one, but I've wanted a place to write more about my illness, not to complain, just to express how I feel and perhaps network with others.
You can find my other blog in my profile and I've added it to my blog roll until I have time to make a button. (Last time I did that, it took me a whole day to figure it out!)
This is a beautiful little nest that I pass by every time I walk the trail.

It has remained unused for several years. It may come home with me one day.
Now, I'm going to rest as I'm going to the golf course with Gord for my first round of the year. We'll see how many holes I can do.
Happy Sunday!


Gill said...

Your work is beautiful Holly!
Here the sun is shining at last after several days of heavy rain - enjoy your round of golf!

LynneP said...

Your floral piece is coming along beautifully! Thanks for sharing it. I am sorry to know that your chronic illness/pain is just that-chronic. May you have relief soon!

Mystic Quilter said...

Love your photos today Holly and so pleased to read that you have decided to go with your blog dealing with chronic illness issues! I shall head on over.