Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Since my children don't live nearby and it's just my husband and I -- we visited his parents yesterday--I vowed to do just the things I love today. We went for breakfast at one of my favorite spots, The Nectar and afterwards, despite the damp cold temps--it was 6C when we arrived home-- we donned our yard clothes and went outside. Gord vacuumed the car in preparation for our trip to Moncton tomorrow and I hoed some of my back garden and laid a bag of mulch.
This garden runs along the hedge at the back fence. Everything to the left of the picture is still surrounded by snow and too frozen to work! We even cleaned out the birdhouse hoping for another family of chickadees this year.
I discovered this little patch of lichen growing near the fence.
I love the bright reds and the little cup like shapes on the right. Sometime I will get myself a reference book and look them up. I find them totally fascinating!
After a little snack, I wanted to come into my sewing room long enough to get the scrappy strips onto the tulips and I did.
I also cut green batik strips to add next time to the sides. I think it will make a happy runner.
I'm having a cup of tea, going to try calling my own mother, and then maybe have a soak or watch a movie. We purchased a couple of lobsters yesterday for our dinner.
Despite my on going health puzzles, I'm trying to enjoy the day. One samll hitch is that I discovered a message this morning that my doctor's appointment that I was really counting on for tomorrow has been postponed for 3 weeks. More waiting. We're going anyway as we both need the little getaway.

I'm wishing all you mothers out there a happy day.


Dolores said...

Thank you. My family is coming over for a bbq and I am happiest when the family is together.

Exuberant Color said...

I have never seen lichen so thanks for posting the photo.
Happy Mother's Day.

Eileen said...

Aren't we so influenced by what we see. I notice the colours in the border are the same as the lichen photo, which is gorgeous by the way.

rtquilter said...

That lichen goes by the common nane ,"British Soldiers". I love it too!