Friday, May 23, 2014

Lace and paint

Today, I've been out most of the day meeting friends for coffee and lunch. I squeezed in some time to add some bits of lace and some paint in a few areas of my Gelli print piece. Now I must be patient and let it dry before I can stitch some more.

I like the way the layers are developing and the whispy bits of lace make me happy!

We are celebrating our 34th anniversary today. My husband gifted me with this little chubby Bhudda after a prompt from me. I had discovered it at a shop but was told by my friends that it's not lucky to buy it for yourself. Lucky for me, this was just the occasion.

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sdBev said...

Oh my gosh! I cant believe how much you ve changed the project with what looks like only a little effort. I think you ve given lots of thought before adding professional touches. I am just speechless.