Thursday, May 29, 2014

Organza flower

I'm not accomplishing much in my sewing room because the sun has finally come out! It's been so cold and miserable here that one wants to be outside all the time when the sun finally appears. I've been working my way through all my gardens, edging, weeding and mulching.
It's a humble abode but it's ours and it pleases me to get outside in the gardens and tidy up. There's not a lot in bloom yet; even the trees are just leafing out. My step pot is still empty as we will likely have another frost.

Before going outside, I experimented a bit with the cosmos piece. I added a small piece of cotton that I picked up yesterday yarn as a stem and I stitched on a piece of organza over top of a small flower.
I like the stem and will probably do the rest but I think I'll be picking off the organza. It strikes me as too strong a color.

Tomorrow I'm going on a day trip with friends to Moncton. We'll be aiming to hit the quilt shop, a yarn shop, Home Sense, Costco, Chapter's and a few others. Sometimes I actually have to rest up in the car!
I'm really hoping I can find something suitable for birders on the little piece above.

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