Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Finally a bit of free motion stitching

We have been so housebound here with all the blizzards coming one after the other. That along with my itching problem has just about driven me mad! I really don't want to complain too much because many places here in the maritimes are still having snow and wind with the schools closed for another day. Some places got freezing rain and are having power outages. The weather is 'the' topic of conversation right now. We are so fed up.
My girl's flight from Montreal got in late last night and today dawned bright, mild and sunny. We went for a nice walk this afternoon.
She brought me back two little wire men that her friend made. This friend who is also a world traveler, makes these little men and passes them out to people along her travels. I once remarked about how cute they were.

They're about an inch and a half tall and it's not very clear that one is blue and one is green.
I actually sat down to my machine and did a little free motion stitching-- haven't been near the machine in days! I haven't got my mojo back yet but at least I'm doing a little something.

I'm still having my itching and burning problem but I've found a medication that seems to be helping some. I don't feel quite so close to insanity anyway! I'm beginning to wonder if it might not be hormonal.


Lorette Cole said...

Oh Holly, I LOVE your FMQ!! This is beautiful! Mojo is a necessity when life gives you a pile of snow and blizzards to boot!

Those little wire men remind me of a school project my daughter made of her rowing team! They are cool and a great gift!

Enjoy your daughter's visit!

sherry said...

love your FMQ...those of us in canada without blizzard conditions are feeling sad for you who are experiencing winter at it's worst

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great work Holly!! It is so miserable here too. I don't mind winter, but it is time to go away!!!

Regina said...

Your quilting is lovely even if you are feeling so unwell. Wonderful that your daughter could travel without problems from the weather, and those little "bonhommes"are so cute.