Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some fabric printing

Yesterday, I vowed that I would do a couple of fabric prints today, not a big session , just a couple to do some free motion work on. And I did! All of a sudden I'm feeling less groggy and I got out for a good brisk sun filled walk this morning. My daughter went with me even though she went to the dentist and then for a 10k run this afternoon. Oh, the energy!
It's a start. I'm already thinking of a different color combination. The first one is done by applying paint to a large plastic freezer bag, removing bits with a paint brush and drawing into it with the wooden end. Then you flip it and rub it onto the fabric.

The idea for this method came from Alicia Burke's blog. It is square in shape and will make a nice center for a table topper or runner.
Onto the second piece of cotton, I ironed flower shapes cut from freezer paper.

I then played with adding paints and textures to the Gelli plate, laid the fabric with the ironed on paper shapes atop it and rubbed.

This method gives more of a resist look because of the paper mask. I will add some color with my Neocolor II crayons before the thread sketching.
I feel like a new person today! I hope it lasts through tonight as that's when the itching/burning is at its worst. Fingers crossed.

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Eileen said...

Keep well. Holly do you use fabric paints with your gelli plate. Have you used acrylics with GAC 900 added to turn it into fabric paint?