Monday, April 14, 2014

Building the runner

This morning I got up and did a house cleaning job that was way past over do. I cleaned my big freezer downstairs, a big job as it is large and was quite frosted up. It didn't take long to knock the ice off the walls but then I had to bend over it, scoop it all into a bucket, and mop it up. All in all, between that and making spaghetti sauce at the same time upstairs, I got a workout.
This afternoon, I added some batik prints to the thread sketched center that I did the other day.
I haven't yet made up my mind as to whether I should cut pointed ends.
It's quite purple isn't' it? I auditioned some greens but the purples somehow seemed best. I have to give some thought to how I will quilt it as well.
I feel satisfied that it's been a prolific Monday. I hope yours is too.


Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Está ficando muito bonito. Amo os roxos!
Um abraço!
Is getting too cute. Love the purple!

Eileen said...

Yes I think the purples work well too.