Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playing with fabric and fusible

Still following my resolve not to follow any schedule, yesterday I walked to and from the coffee shop to meet friends and then walked over again for lunch. I relaxed and read the paper. It felt nice.
This morning I went to yoga. It was the third of an 8 week session. The stretching is good for me but boy do I have a hard time to slow the thoughts bouncing around in my brain.
After lunch, I had the urge for the first time in a few days to play with some fabric, revisiting this tree that I started about a month ago.

I added some final snippets of fabric and started stitching it all down.

It's not based on any photo, so not completely realistic, just my mind's eye view. The plan is to sandwich it next, do some background quilting and we'll see. Sometimes it's only about the process and working out an idea and it may never be finished.
I have mixed feelings about it so far but at least it's absorbing and interesting so far.
I'm linking to The Needle and a Thread Network.


Soonymary said...

omg....the tree is just beautiful especially the light effects you have achieved! Love it, is it all made from fabric or have you used paint as well?

Maureen Heywood said...

The colours in your tree are just fantastic!

Eileen said...

I like the orange, brown and purple combination.

Wendy said...

Beautiful! Very striking, almost somber/dark for you. You usually have so much vibrant colour in your pieces. I really like how this one is progressing though. One of your nicer pieces. You really captured the sunset on the trees. Reminds me of beach place...very pretty.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Great tree, Holly! Very powerful image you are creating in this one.

Lorette Cole said...

Great tree Holly! What fusible do you use? How big is this tree? You have some lovely fabrics in there!