Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cosmos runner

Aside from vacations, I think this is the longest I've been away from my blog. I've got my daughter here until next weekend when she will move to PEI for a year. This works out great for us since most of my family live there and there is even a cottage for me to stay at open from May to October.
Also, I'm still having brain fog issues stemming from my medications which are not working anyway. I found a massage did as much (or more) for my burning/tingling pain (neuropathic pain seems to be the consensus) as the drugs. So, I've joined 8 weeks of a yoga class once a week and I'm trying to do more meditation. Lots of reading on the net has made me realize this could be a long term thing I may have to deal with and I'm not sure all the drugs the doctors want to throw at you are the way to go. Well, at least if they worked, it might be worth it but so far nothing has.
This afternoon while another snowstorm blows outside (hardly believable!), I finished up the machine quilting on the cosmos runner. The binding will have to wait a few weeks until I go to Moncton as I don't have any fabric large enough to match.

I decided that I need to experiment with different quilting designs and these small pieces are perfect for that.
This is how confused I am right now. I have just remembered that I wanted to taper each end to a bit of a point and I completely forgot! It's all quilted now so I don't think I'll cut it. Darn.

I at least have some ideas on what I might like to do for my next project. For today though I'm going to stop so I can go do my bit of a workout.

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Eileen said...

Do you know what you are looking for in a binding?