Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Runner ready to machine quilt

I've been very slow to get going in the mornings because of the after effects from the medications I'm taking at night to help my itching and burning. Yes, it's still terrible at night and I don't have any answers yet. I do have a blood test next week to check a few things. Patience is key. It wears pretty thin in the evenings though.
I sat with my knitting for a while this morning-- a good quiet activity.
After lunch feeling slightly more perky,  I decided to get my runner sandwiched and ready for the machine quilting.
I quite like the colors and think it will be fun to quilt.
Even though I've been in such a fog, a funny thing happened while I was cutting out the batting and the backing for the runner. A piece of shibori printed fabric that was hanging on my side wall happened to catch my eye. It's been there for a while, but today something about it beckoned and I decided to go with it.
Right now it's just an idea. In my head I pictured a larger tree with lots of shadows, colors and textures in the foreground, so I started cutting pieces of fabric which have been fused to webbing. At this point they're just laying there unfused while I consider it and add more pieces.
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Kate said...

A happy little table runner makes the day so much brighter. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Lorette Cole said...

Great tree... love your runner's fabrics. Be well soon!

Mary Ann said...

I hope your better soo too :) I like your tree idea very much.

Eileen said...

Your creative mind is at work. Looks like a great idea for the tree.

Regina said...

Even if you don't feel well you are very creative! I do hope you'll feel better soon.